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Beware of Vishing Scam

Mar 06, 2014
Please be advised that we are receiving reports of an active vishing (voice phishing) campaign affecting some of our customers. Residents of the area are receiving an automated phone call claiming their debit card has been breached. The person is instructed to enter their debit card number, PIN, and sometimes other sensitive information. The fraudsters will cast a wide net, calling as many households as possible in an effort to trick as many people as possible. At this time we do not have any indication as to how widespread this campaign may become.

Recommendations for customers:

- Never disclose sensitive information such as account number, debit card number, SSN, or PIN over the phone.
- Hang up and call the institution using the phone number listed on the web site or statements to inquire whether this is a legitimate call
- If you believe you might have revealed sensitive information, call us immediately at 845-778-2171.